Presbyterian Agriculture Services

Women Empowerment through Shea Value Chain

We offer trainings and practical workshops for our women co-operative to handle shea kernel from picking to processing into butter.

The organization in collaboration with Global Shea Alliance train women groups on how to process the shea kernels into butter (these include;

parboiling, drying, storage, butter making).

We also provide machinery, processing center and warehouses for the activities of the shea value chain.

Also we assist women with takeoff of butter after processing.



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Women In Fisheries

 The Presbyterian Agricultural Services -Sadema engages women to raise fish for livelihood.

We train women groups through our women co-operatives to raise backyard fish (African catfish and tilapia) for sale to local market.

Women from ages 18-50 are selected and given practical STEM training on how to raise fish in the Geo-ecological area.

We give them the requisite tools and inputs(feed) to start their own backyard after the training.

Presby Agric Service – Sandema also create and takeoff produce from the women farmers to ensure sustainable market and continuous production.  

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